Are you ready to take your wellbeing to the next level? BODY TALK Evolution package is a 6-month journey that will delve deeply into your system to understand your body’s needs on a physical emotional and spiritual level. If you are ready to get to know your true self – Evolution is for you.

BODY TALK Foundation Setter consists of 3 parts:


10 Kinesiology Sessions


Access to The BODY TALK Foundation Setter Oracle Portal


Personal Growth


Your Kinesiology sessions are either 121 in-person sessions with Angharad at the Tuning Room in Cardiff Bay or remote sessions with Angharad.

In these sessions, we encourage your body to talk and I will follow, listen, and respond to your body’s innate wisdom. Deeper layers of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs will be revealed and addressed for your healing.

Kinesiology or ‘muscle response testing’ is a gentle, non-invasive way to identify and rectify imbalances in the body. You will remain fully clothed, and it is a relaxing and immersive experience.

You will leave each session with a Nutritional Plan which you will need to follow until your next session with Angharad. You will receive a BODY TALK Supplement Organiser Box

Kinesiology sessions are every 3 – 4 weeks.


The Oracle Portal is a course of educational PDF documents and videos to accompany you on your healing journey. The information is designed to answer the questions you didn’t know you needed answered!

Here are some examples of the topics covered:


Vital Force and how it impacts digestion



Boundaries: a practical step

Triggers: what do they mean?


The Chakra Energy System

High vibration living

BODY TALK Digital Recipe Book

Clients will have access to the digital recipe book which includes chapters on:

Clean eating: what is ‘clean eating’ and why is it so important for a functioning body?

Breakfast recipes: what can I eat instead of cold cereal and oats? The answer is here!

Protein recipes: the emphasis in this chapter yet not exclusively is on clean protein, mainly beans and lentils. We all know how to cook meats and fish, but often lack confidence and knowledge how to cook the wonderful legumes (without the common side effect!)

Fibre rich recipes: fed up of broccoli peas and carrots? This chapter will help you jazz up your vegetable intake!

Dessert recipes: be prepared to enjoy your dessert in a refined sugar-free form


If you’re new to meditating or even a little rusty, you don’t need to worry because you will have access to the Meditations for Beginners recordings of the Foundation Setter package so you can begin there. The Evolution package contains 3 additional meditation recordings which are coupled beautifully with the topics covered in the evolution course such as Chakras and Boundaries.


The Reflections Journal consists of a series of questions that guide you to reflect on your experiences, responses, observations, and realisations. The set of questions is repeated on a bi-weekly basis.

You will receive verbal feedback from me with my observations, thought-provoking perspectives and encouragement within 48 hours of receipt.

Healing is a process of evolution. You will notice changes. This journal and I will be your companion on this journey.

I guess there are never enough books” – John Steinbeck

Reading fiction is great, but when you’re on a healing journey your need for information and insights is massive! I will share a reading list of the books I found inspirational and enlightening on my journey. I’m sure you’ll be sharing my fascination!

You will leave the Evolution programme body-listening, mind-open and emotionally aware. You will consciously trust your ability to hear accurately and instinctively your own body’s physical, emotional and spiritual talk.

You will be aware of your growth and evolution and will have the tools, skills, and wisdom to proceed on your own healing journey until you’re ready for deeper healing.