Are you ready to make changes that will have a positive and lasting effect on your whole wellbeing? Are you keen to understand what your body needs and deserves? Wouldn’t it be amazing to get back in control of you, rekindling your energy and zest for life? The Foundation Setter is for you. BODY TALK Foundation Setter is all about setting you on the right path to understand what your body truly needs.

BODY TALK Foundation Setter consists of 3 parts:


5 Kinesiology Sessions


Access to The BODY TALK Foundation Setter Oracle Portal


Personal Growth


Your Kinesiology sessions are either 1-2-1 in-person sessions with Angharad at the Tuning Room in Cardiff Bay or remote sessions with Angharad.

In these sessions, we allow your body to talk and I will follow, listen, and respond to your body’s innate wisdom. Layers of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs will be revealed and addressed for your healing.

Kinesiology or ‘muscle response testing’ is a gentle, non-invasive way to identify and rectify imbalances in the body. You will remain fully clothed, and it is a relaxing and immersive experience.

You will leave each session with a Nutritional Plan which you will need to follow until your next session with Angharad.

Kinesiology sessions are every 3 weeks.


The Oracle Portal is a course of educational PDF documents and videos to accompany you on your healing journey. The information is designed to answer the questions you didn’t know you needed answered!

Here are some examples of the topics covered:


Back to Basics’

Lymphatic System Support Techniques


Positive Words

Forgiveness: its importance for health



Meditation & Meditation Recordings

BODY TALK Digital Recipe Book

Clients will have access to the digital recipe book which includes chapters on:

Clean eating: what is ‘clean eating’ and why is it so important for a functioning body?

Breakfast recipes: what can I eat instead of cold cereal and oats? The answer is here!

Protein recipes: the emphasis in this chapter yet not exclusively is on clean protein, mainly beans and lentils. We all know how to cook meats and fish, but often lack confidence and knowledge how to cook the wonderful legumes (without the common side effect!)

Fibre rich recipes: fed up of broccoli peas and carrots? This chapter will help you jazz up your vegetable intake!

Dessert recipes: be prepared to enjoy your dessert in a refined sugar-free form

BODY TALK Meal Planner pad

You know the benefits: it’s easier, it’s quicker, it’s cheaper, it means no fuss. Get planning. Shop what you need and watch how easily you’ll be preparing and cooking during the busy week.

BODY TALK Habit Tracker pad

Changes don’t happen in one big sweep. Changes take time. You will decide which changes you will make and in which order. The Habit Tracker pad is a way of holding yourself accountable. Choose the habit you intend on introducing this week and tick off the days you’ve managed to make that change. A simple yet effective way of holding you accountable to you!


Perhaps you’ve intended on starting to meditate or perhaps it’s something you have never considered. Whichever camp you are in now, you will have access to meditations for beginners at your fingertips which have been commissioned and designed for beginners and therefore easy to incorporate them as part of your daily routine.


You will receive your own Change & Wellbeing Journal, which is in 3 sections: physical emotional & spiritual:

Physical: helps you to set new habits
Emotional: helps you regulate emotions and gives you tools to resolve some detrimental habits
Spiritual: helps you to live in the moment and to start to work out what you want from life.

You will work through, revise, and add to your journal at your own pace, in your own time.

You will leave the Foundation Setter programme with a higher level of self-awareness. This new-found self-awareness will hold you accountable to yourself for your wellbeing, growth, and healing.

The foundation will have been set and you will have:
a bespoke and personal knowledge of your own body’s needs
an acquisition of skills to support your body.

You can now be accountable to your own wellbeing until you are ready for a deeper level of healing.